Marine Protected Areas

This is the first time that a Mexican project has won this award, granted by the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco in collaboration with Boot Düsseldorf and the German Ocean Foundation. In addition to winning first place from the jury, Equilibrio achieved the highest public vote with 75.4%.

Sea of Cortez and South Californian Pacific

This edition of Equilibrio showcases a panoramic view of the current status at the Sea of Cortez and the South Californian Pacific, with the purpose of pinpointing the reasons why it is imperative to declare the area as a Biosphere Reserve.


Revillagigedo National Park

Just over a year ago, we created the CODEMAR (for its initials in Spanish) which is the Coalition for the Defense of the Seas. Our main goal was –and still is– to join efforts to reinforce the protection of the Mexican marine ecosystems and the species that live in them, as well as regulate the fishing industry activity and toughen up sanctions for those who plunder its natural resources.


Sierras la Giganta and Guadalupe

Paradise does exist, it is located in Baja California Sur. In paradise, water transforms into oases, deserts merge into the sea and time has stood still for over three centuries; in paradise, there are animals that have never been seen in other parts of the world and vestiges of ancestral human groups can be found. And, as expected, these societies are surrounded by countless legends and myths.